Gorgeous Turquoise Shadowbox + Kachina Base Ring


American Indian Silversmith

Large Statement Ring with amazing blue Morenci Turquoise set in a heavy sandcast shadowbox frame with a heavy handmade double kachina base.

The large oval stone has a swirling matrix of iron pyrite in black and silver tones and is secured in a heavy silver plain bezel.

Could be worn by a woman or man, this large piece is striking and unique.  One of the kachinas has a double stamped sunburst necklace and the other has a single stamp.  

Unsigned, this fantastic ring is at least 50 years old and one of a kind.

Size 11-

George wears this anytime he isn't working.  Rings are banned from his workshop so he doesn't lose a finger building the custom furniture he loves.  Ruby on the other hand never leaves her bed without at least a single ring on...


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