Pima Olla Basket w/ Linked Star Decoration


American Indian Artist

Pima Basket in the shape of a high shouldered bowl or Olla.  

Geometric pattern in black devil's claw fiber made by connecting stars or crosses in a step motif.

Made from native materials to Northern Arizona and New Mexico including Devil's Claw for the black and Yucca.

A dying art, basket-making is rare in the Pima culture now. This striking example is a testament to the heritage and skill the Pima posses.

11" in diameter 6 1/2" tall

George has always sought out baskets where ever he can find them.  He identifies with the labor of love and of the hands.  The patience, practice and simple beauty are elements he incorporates in each piece of art he creates, whether it be sculpture or utilitarian but beautiful furniture...



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