SOLD Woven Navajo Tapestry with Yei


Navajo Artist

SOLD Navajo Yei Pictorial Rug in neutral browns, Tapestry quality in softness and knot count, this fine Navajo textile was made using vegetable-based dyes of browns and grays.

With a stepped pyramid border both top and bottom and five figures of masked warriors, dancing in ceremonial regalia. They carry staffs with feathers attached and adorn themselves with earrings and necklaces of their finest jewelry.

The designs for these weaving come from sacred sandpaintings that are destroyed after each use.  At first they were frowned upon when woven into permanent rugs such as these by the medicine men that practice this ancient religion.  The maker will often include a spirit line on the border of the tapestry so that any sacred energy can escape.

26 1/2 wide by 38 1/2 long

This rug has such a Navy Blue spirit line in the top left corner and Ruby wouldn't display it in her home without out.  Spiritual and even superstitious, she believes in what ancient cultures teach her.  Ruby loves the graphic linear quality of the design and stacks this on top of other brightly colored blankets for a color on neutral look that stuns.


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