SOLD Pictorial Navajo Rug of Mountain Farm


Navajo Artist

SOLD Finely woven vintage pictorial rug depicting a farmhouse below a soaring mountain peaks with a charming folk art flavor.

The house has a bright pink side with a blue gable and animals like a cow, horse, lamp, squirrel and bird are all executed without regard for scale.  Even the duck in the top left corner is nearly larger than the pond it floats on!

Using both natural and aniline dyes, a very talented Navajo weaver painted a picture with their woolen yarn.   The result is one of a kind.

43" tall by 34" wide

Ruby likes to display this piece in her dining room.  Framed like the fine work of art it is.  She enjoys the naivety of the composition and proportions and loves the details like the coloring of the Herford Cow and the white stripes on the squirrel's back...


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