Earthenware Fruits in Large Bowl


american maker

Oversize Mexican earthenware fruit in a pie-crust edge pottery bowl.

Each is carefully formed and painted with detailed stems and surfaces.

Condition: Excellent

Apple measures: 5.5" L by 5" W by 5" H.
Watermelon measures: 9" L by 3" W by 3.5" H.
Pumpkin measures: 7" L by 5" W by 5.5" H.
Peach measures: 6" L by 5.5" W by 5.5" H.
Banana measures: 10" L by 2.5" W by 2" H.
Pear measures: 5" L by 5" W by 7" H.
Mango measures: 7.5" L by 4.5" W by 4.5" H.

Bowl measures: 17" W x 4" H


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