R+G Credited in Gretchen Jones' Design Sponge Sneak Peak

From the piece: 

"Image above: My bed is my reprieve from the concrete jungle and fierce fashion industry. The antique Hudson Bay blanket and native rug are from my best friend’s modern trading post, Ruby+George. The pillows are by my friend’s home line, Appetite, and I like crisp white linens, so the space doesn’t feel overwhelmed. The painting by the bed is by my close friend Deanne Bucks; she’s a gem, and they make me feel home."

Gretchen Jones, fashion designer and Project Runway Season 8 winner, is a great friend of RUBY + GEORGE and her apartment shows it!

Featured in the hotly followed blog Design Sponge, in their Sneak Peak- Places Section, her ecclectic tastes and impeccable style are beautifully showcased.  And dripping from almost every corner is a piece from R+G.

From the original art on her walls (30x40 Digital Print on Gallery Wrapped Canvas Entitled Red Feather:

To the Ivory Foo Guardian Beasts in foreground and Pottery Storytellers and Antlers on the mantle:

Gretchen shows how you can add Southwest elegance to any space making both the space more modern while giving classic pieces of Americana new life.

Please see our Gretchen Jones' Picks Section for more great items this muse has borrowed previously from R+G stock or currently uses to compliment her looks and life.

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