Ecosalon Features R+G Turquoise Statement Rings in Lustables Section

 Ecosalon Lustables Feature:

There is nothing more green than vintage in the opinion of RUBY + GEORGE and has recognized our turquoise statement rings in their Lustables section:

Lustables: Turquoise Statement Rings

Amy DuFault writes about how she fell in love with a large mother of pearl and turquoise ring in heavy silver and now rarely takes it off.

She also bought a ring for her mother and we have heard she cherishes it as much as Amy does hers.

From the article:

Anyone who knows me knows I never leave home without my oversized turquoise ring proudly placed on my index finger which I got from Ian Kennedy of Kennedy Handmade and Vintage and Ruby+George.

I’d seen Gretchen Jones on Project Runway sporting bold, turquoise cuffs and rings and wanted the back story. Months later, I was sharing a hotel room in Times Square with (Ian) Kennedy, a close friend of the designer’s, and attending the secret finale show for Project Runway, Season 8.

The night before the show, Kennedy pulled a case out of our room’s safe and asked if I wanted to wear any turquoise. When I saw my ring, I slipped it on, felt an instant connection, and the rest is history.

Kennedy says of his collection: “My grandparents have been dealing in Native American goods, mostly from the Southwest pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona since the 1950′s, or even further back...they had a small shop in the town where I grew up until 2003 when Grandpa finally retired for good and we just boxed up the inventory at that time and haven’t done anything with it until now.”

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